José María Olazábal;
Olazabal Design

“My Masters victory in 1999 was even more special to me because of my personal situation. I had been unable to play golf for around two years due to my health, and fought hard to come back to play professionally. To then come out on top as the Masters champion was in my own view my biggest achievement as a player.”

Wayne Sheffield;

“The one thing we should all realise in any role or any of our clubs is that we go backwards if we stand still. On a daily and weekly basis we try to make lots of small improvements and these all add up to a big uplift. My favourite quote that we reiterate and ask the team here to work by is, ‘In the race for excellence, there is no finish line’.”

Sean Côrte-real;
La Cala

“Great golf doesn’t mean you’ve got to have the absolute fastest, best greens in the world. All you need is very decent, good playing surfaces that a normal 18 handicapper would enjoy, and that’s what we’re trying to do. Same with the bunkers, same with the fairways, same with the tees - just trying to offer a good experience for the golfer.”

Peter Banks;
Rudding Park

“Unfortunately for golf, we’ve now become time poorer. And I blame mobile phones – there’s instant gratification. And of course, along came cycling and cycling has absolutely torpedoed that 35 to 50-year-old male golfing market. It attracts the same sort of people; it attracts people who want to compete but can’t do contact sport.”

Brendan Dwyer;
La Finca

“La Finca was already very highly regarded and we were keen to ensure that the resort as a whole was reflective of that. As such, we carried out a soft refurbishment of our spa facilities, revamped our five-star hotel and opened Jardines La Finca Restaurant, which serves the very finest in Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of designer style.”

Ile Aux Cerfs;

Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is a must-play course, famous for its idyllic tropical surrounds, perfect, manicured greens, exclusive golfer beach, golf academy and the unique feature of having two greens on the 18th hole. Designed by golfing legend Bernhard Langer, the course really is one for the golfing bucket list.

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