Michael Braidwood;
Education City

“We’re starting, slowly but surely, to get more Qataris into the sport. We’re doing well with getting kids and more Qatari people playing. So far, so good. It’s going in the right direction. COVID-19 was like a sledgehammer hitting us. But because of travel restrictions in and out of the country here, people aren’t going on their usual holidays, and we’ve never been busier.”

Anna Darnell;
The Grove

“We are basically giving the market what it wants with Clarendon Collection… ease of use, complete flexibility, the ability to offer playing points to guests, friends and relatives, top-up points for more golf, and an always-open 24/7 portal and app from which to manage it from.”

David MacLaren;
JCB Golf &Country Club

“The course was built primarily as a sales and marketing platform for our brand and our company, so those constraints are very, very deliberate constraints. We are a venue that aims to provide world-class facilities for corporate members and customers with an attachment to JCB. And that actually make it’s quite a clear vision in some ways.”

David Scott;
Dumbarnie Links

“As our reputation is starting to build, we’re getting well over 100 golfers a day from Scotland. It would be great to have the English market up here too, but, frankly, with COVID-19, we’re actually very happy with keeping it local. We’re happy keeping it really quite safe, and hopefully, providing a really great golfing experience.”

James Ibbetson;

“I was making personal phone calls to all the members, checking up on them, to see how they were. And so was my membership and sales guy, and as a result, we’re so much closer to the members than we’ve ever been before. And that’s continued with the new members we’ve signed up. I’m not saying we weren’t a club before, but we do have a real club vibe now.”

Empordà Golf Club;

With two 18-hole golf courses designed by Robert von Hagge and an 86-room hotel and extensive leisure facilities, it was already good. But the resort’s new ownership and management team is taking the resort to an altogether different level, taking advantage of the coronavirus situation to press ahead with a multi-million-euro improvement plan.

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