Ricky Hall;
Trump Turnberry

“The Trumps understood the commitment to investment, conditioning and service levels. They know what that looks like and what a top-class golf experience should be. That was their world. They promised Turnberry a lot and they delivered even more. They were very excited about owning the property but what struck me was their attention to the history and the heritage of Turnberry.”

Marc Topiol;
La Reserva Club

“With the accessibility that this new resort creates, we’re exploring certain relationships with owners and managers of private golf clubs so that their members, who perhaps cannot enjoy their favourite sport in winter from their primary residence, can come south to Sotogrande, stay at the SO resorts and enjoy some unbelievable golf courses.”

Anthony Roberts;
Ely City Golf Club

“I disagree with the old-school mentality. I would encourage every secretary and every manager to be seen playing as much as possible. I don’t know how you can handle the greens staff if you’re not playing the course regularly or give them feedback without playing the golf course. That’s just me, that’s my style.”

Alasdair Danson-Webster;
Sherborne Golf Club

“I’d been proprietary based all my career, and, in that commercial world, it’s very driven. It takes its pound of flesh. Yes, it’s very rewarding, but as soon as the golf season stops, you’re pulled to all the other elements of the resort. The higher you climb in that organisation chain, the more corporate it becomes, and the more you move away from the shop floor and that day-to-day interaction with people.”

Brian Smith;
BRS Golf

“That was why, when I started the business, I tried to combine the internet — which I had absolutely fallen in love with — with golf, which I had played since I was eight years old. I’ve grown up with a golf club in my hand.”

Les Bordes;

Nestled within a magical 1,400-acre estate in the heart of France’s famed Loire Valley, Les Bordes is regarded among the world’s most prestigious golf clubs. Just a 90-minute drive south of Paris in the enchanting Sologne Forest, the exclusive private members’ club is one of the game’s dream destinations.

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